Examiner application
Advanced Extension Awards (AEA)
Qualification targeted at the top 10% of year 13 (18+) to demonstrate greater depth of understanding. Available in a limited range of academic subjects.

The work of advisers spans the Autumn and Spring terms. They provide support and guidance for teachers about coursework or portfolios.

AQA Baccalaureate
The AQA Baccalaureate recognises the achievements of well-rounded post-16 students which demonstrate that they have achieved success in A-levels, wider learning and enrichment activities.

Assistant Principal Examiner (APE)
Supports and reports direct to the Principal Examiner.

Assistant Principal Moderator (APM)
Supports and reports direct to the Principal Moderator.

An organisation (such as a school or college) accountable to AQA for the assessment arrangements leading to an award.

Centre number
A five-digit number allocated to centres.

Chair of Examiners
The person responsible for maintaining standards in a subject across different specifications and methods of assessment year on year.

Chief Examiner
The person responsible for ensuring that the overall examination of a specification meets requirements and maintains standards year on year. A Chief Examiner also acts as Principal Examiner or Principal Moderator for at least one component of the examination.

An individual part of a specification. Also referred to as paper or unit. Components may be marked by examiners or moderators.

Tasks undertaken by candidates during a course of study. Coursework is normally marked by centres and then sampled by moderators.

A new qualification developed by AQA and City & Guilds designed to recognise achievement of the 14?19 learner group. It combines practical skill development with theoretical and technical understanding and knowledge (formally called specialised Diploma).

Entry Level Certificates
A subject-based qualification for students (usually 14–6 year olds) unlikely to reach the bottom grade of the Foundation Level in the National Qualifications Framework.

A person appointed to mark an allocation of examination papers in a particular Component. Overseen by Team Leaders.

General Certificate of Education: a qualification type.

General Certificate of Secondary Education: a qualification type.

Key Skills
A suite of national qualifications.

Lines of Learning
Diploma Lines of learning are the 14 qualifications that are being developed over the next three years across a sector.

Mark Scheme
A scheme detailing how credit is to be awarded in relation to a particular component.

The process through which internal assessment is monitored by AQA to ensure it is reliable, fair and consistent with required standards.

A person appointed to moderate centre assessed work.

Online standardisation. Any CMI+/OMS/QMS/CMM components may be standardised online.

Principal Examiner
A person responsible for the setting of a question paper, the standardisation of its marking and advising the awarding committee on how the question paper functioned.

Principal Moderator
A person appointed to be responsible for the coursework of a specification, the standardisation of centres' teachers, and advising the awarding committee on the standard of work completed.

Provides written comments on draft question papers to ensure that they meet the requirements of the specification.

Provides a written report on the accuracy of the final draft of question papers.

The complete description – including mandatory and optional aspects – of the content, assessment arrangements and performance requirements for a qualification.

A method of training examiners and moderators to mark to the correct standard. This may be through a face-to-face meeting or online (OLS).

Team Leader
The Senior Examiner responsible for overseeing the marking of a team of Examiners.

A component or module of a specification.

Visiting Examiners
Examiners who visit centres to mark candidates' work.

Visiting Moderators
Moderators who visit centres to mark a sample of coursework.