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Moderator Standardisation
Stationery requests
Non receipt of centre samples, sampling queries, regression and re-moderation


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Examiner standardisation
Marking progress, deadlines, sampling, quality of marking
Post-Results Reviews Team

Resource Management

For queries about examiner/moderator appointments and allocations email the Resource Management department as shown below.

Subject Email Address
GCE Accounting
GCE Anthropology
GCE Applied Science
GCSE Applied Science
GCE Archaeology
GCE, GCSE Bengali
GCE Biology, Human Biology
GCSE Biology, Certificate in Biology
GCE Applied Business
GCE, GCSE Business
Certificate in Enterprise and Employability Enterprise&
Certificate for Skills for Working Life
GCE Chemistry
GCSE Chemistry, Certificate in Chemistry
GCSE Chinese (Mandarin)
GCE, GCSE Citizenship
GCE Classical Civilisation
GCE Communication and Culture Comm&
GCE Computing
VRQ Counselling
GCE Critical Thinking
GCSE D&T: Short course and full courses
GCE, GCSE Drama and Theatre Studies
GCE, GCSE Economics
GCE, GCSE Electronics DT&
GCSE Engineering DT&
GCE English Language/Literature
GCE English Literature
GCE English Language
GCSE English and English Literature
Functional Skills English, AQA Certs Lit/Lang L1/2
GCE, GCSE Environmental Science/Studies
GCSE Expressive Arts
GCE, GCSE French
GCE General Studies
GCE, GCSE German
GCE, GCSE Geography
GCE Government and Politics Gov&
GCE, GCSE Health and Social Care
GCE History of Art
GCE, GCSE History
GCSE Home Economics, Child Development
GCSE Human Health and Physiology
GCSE Humanities
GCSE Italian
GCE Leisure Studies L&
GCE Mathematics, Further Mathematics, FSMQ
GCSE, FSK Mathematics
GCE, GCSE Media Studies
GCE, GCSE Modern Hebrew
GCSE Panjabi
GCE Philosophy
GCE, GCSE Physical Education
GCE Physics
GCSE Physics, Certificate in Physics
GCE, GCSE Psychology
GCSE Polish
GCE, GCSE Religious Studies
GCE Science in Society
GCSE Science A and B
GCE Sociology
GCSE Sociology
GCE, GCSE Spanish
GCE Statistics
GCE Use of Maths

Updating My Details

Please send details of any changes required to the relevant department indicated above, including your Personal Identification Number (PIN). These changes should appear on the Extranet within 72 working hours of receipt. When updating your email address, please amend this yourself in the 'my profile' section on the top right of the screen and also provide the relevant department with the details.


Examiner Technical Contact Centre *
0800 197 7163

0800 980 3860

AQA Missing Scripts
01483 477700

Examiner payments
0161 957 3608

* The Examiner Technical Contact Centre is open to deal with queries about technical aspects of the following systems:
  • e-marker (CMI+/RM Assessor/QMS+)
  • e-portfolio
  • Examiner Extranet
  • Online Standardisation

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